2013 World Baseball Classic Pool D - Game 4, Canada v. Mexico

In what can be considered a bit of a surprise, WBC officials have decided to not suspend any of the players involved in Saturday’s bench clearing brawl between Team Canada and Team Mexico.

From the WBC:

“Hopefully the tournament’s teams will learn from this incident and set a better example,”

The incident occured in the ninth inning with Canada up by 6 runs. After a bunt single by Canadian catcher Chris Robinson, Mexican third baseman Luis Cruz clearly told pitcher Arnold Leon to hit the next batter, Rene Tosoni. After failing to do so on the first two attempts, Leon hit Tosoni, and the benches cleared. Drew has all the details here.

Team Canada can advance to the next round with a win over Team USA on Sunday.

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  1. Hopefully Canada can keep their gloves up against the U.S. today.

  2. It’s just a surprise because it’s conventional to suspend players after brawls, it wouldn’t have made sense if you actually think about it.

    Mexico started the brawl because they’re sore losers and wanted to take somebody down with them; they clearly threw the first punches, because they had no reason to care if their whole team was suspended. Right or wrong, the brawl created huge interest for the tournament in Canada, and you’d lose all of that by suspending players.

  3. So if Canada upsets USA this afternoon they would not only advance to the next round but also put USA into qualifying for the next one right? Because Mexico and USA would each have one win but Mexico beat USA in their game or am I missing something?

  4. Lamp – that is correct, although there was talk last night of changing the qualifying rules for the next WBC.

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