World Baseball Classic - Pool D - United States v Italy

Team Canada plays Team USA at 4 PM ET, with the winner advancing to the second round of the World Baseball Classic.

In what has to be considered a bit of a surprise, USA manager Joe Torre is sitting Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, who has gone hit-less in the tournament.

Here are your lineups:

1. SS – Jimmy Rollins 1. CF – Tyson Gillies
2. 2B – Brandon Phillips 2. 3B – Taylor Green
3. DH – Ryan Braun 3. 1B – Joey Votto
4. C – Joe Mauer 4. DH – Justin Morneau
5. 3B – David Wright 5. RF – Michael Sauders
6. RF – Ben Zobrist 6. C – Chris Robinson
7. CF – Adam Jones 7. LF – Adam Loewen
8. 1B – Eric Hosmer 8. 2B -Pete Orr
9 – LF – Shane Victorino 9. SS – Cale Iorg
P – Derek Holland P – Jameson Taillon

Canada, who didn’t have any players suspended after the brawl yesterday against Mexico, seem up for the challenge today.


Again, no Stanton. Hard to believe.


Dodgers manager Don Mattingly responds to getting his two players back.

Canada / USA, who wins today?

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