I think I’ll miss the red pants most of all. The improbable run by the Dutch “National” baseball team continues on to the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic, as Andrelton Simmons and the Dutch team squeak past Cuba in a see-saw affair for the ages!

The Netherlands outlasted the world’s number one team from Cuba 7-6, pushing across the winning run in the bottom of the ninth after the Braves starting shortstop tied the game at six with a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth. Simmons shot brought the Dutch level after Cuba jumped out to a two run lead in the top half of the same inning. The runs came in bunches this morning in the Tokyo Dome, as the lead changed hands five times as the mighty Cubans struggled on the mound.

The Dutch join Japan as semi-finalists, heading to San Francisco to await the Pool 2 winners, where team USA faces Puerto Rico and Italy takes on the Dominican Republic. The Netherlands and Japan must play again Tuesday morning to determine the pool winner and seeds. The dream of an all-European final lives on!

Not to keep piling on the same theme but are we having fun yet? Is Andrelton Simmons any good? Beats the pants off Grapefruit League and yes, very good indeed.

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  1. Has anyone heard what ticket sales have been like for Miami and San Fran?

    I love the tourney, but I’m worried crowds are going to be very very small.

    • I poked around on Stubhub last week, there are plenty of tickets. They sell the ticekts in a bundle for the semis/finals so it is tough to determine the actual interest right now.

      The games in 2009 were well attended. 20K at Canada/USA on Sunday.

  2. I’m sorry I was distracted by Jaffe’s mustache. If you want people to read your article you cannot put a picture that is so mesmerizing within the article.

  3. Advice for the 2013 MLB season:

    Stop drinking the Kool Aid thinking you HAVE to give a kid next to you a ball YOU caught. First one to catch it gets it. Final answer!

    • Depends on circumstances. For example, if it’s flipped into the stands it’s pretty weak to argue survival of the fittest. If you snare a liner barehanded on the other hand, it’s all yours. Deadspin had a great flow-chart on this.

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