Video game publishers and the World Baseball Classic have yet to come together with a playable game mode of the international tournament. If taking your country, or any country, to world baseball supremacy on the video game circuit is something you desire, well, there’s a way. All you need is a PC and a copy of EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005.

MVP Caribe, a modding community similar to that of MVP Mods, has put together a World Baseball Classic total conversion mod that features 28 national teams, complete with accurate rosters and uniforms. The World Baseball Classic is playable as a 30-game dynasty. You take what you can get, I guess.

All the player model restructuring and graphic enhancements that MVP Baseball 2005 allows can’t propel the game to look as sharp as MLB 13: The Show, but neither Sony or 2K Sports appear to be interested in delivering a WBC mode to gamers at this point. So, if gaming the WBC sounds like your bag, then you best scare up a copy of the cult classic baseball title.

Via Kotaku, Image via MVP Mods