Why didn’t he just tag him?

The Toronto Blue Jays have released David Cooper. Cooper hit .300/.324/.464 in 145 plate appearances with Toronto last season, but will probably be best remembered for attempting to race Omar Infante to first base, never bothering to tag him out, but running with the ball in his throwing hand.

In semi-related news, the Detroit Tigers have released Brennan Boesch. Yes, it’s a bad day for left handed batters that can’t hit.

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    When I saw that GIF again it hit me that Infante didn’t think Cooper would tag him because he doesn’t even look at the glove or attempt to evade a possible tag. He’s just looking at the base.

    • You have to run between the lines going to 1st – there’s no real point trying to avoid a tag.

      In which case, you have to ask the question: for what reason did he not simply apply the tag?

  2. David Cooper can definitely hit

  3. So why didn’t he just tag him?

  4. I don’t understand it. He has done well in very limited opportunity and is still fairly young. Maybe they can get him back for less money?

  5. ok, so it is a long-term injury then. that is too bad as we are low on position players that are almost ready in the minors…

    • Cooper doesn’t really qualify as a “position player” or “almost ready” (assuming ready means “ready to play baseball at a major-league level”).

  6. Maybe he should take up the knuckleball. Then the chinless wonder could become a winless chucker.

  7. Cooper was very under-rated last year I thought and was a definite prospect, I’m not happy with this news except I understand he has been having serious back problems so that’s business. I wouldn’t say he can’t hit, he had a .300 average, not exactly terrible.

    • .300 batting average hides the fact that he has league average OBP and OPS, and slightly above league average slugging. His WAR is replacement level or lower, depending how you measure it, albeit over part of a season.

      In other words batting average doesn’t mean jack if everything else you do both offensively and defensively sucks ass.

  8. ammmmmmaaaaazzzzing lmao

  9. It’s the goddamn sabr nerds ruining careers again. They insist that tagging is the new market inefficiency and that even though Cooper hits .300, he’s going to cost the Jays .647 singles per season. Now this poor man has to go home and tell his wife that he’s unemployed because of his low Park-Adjusted Weighted Tag-Racing numbers.

    Should of just tagged him.

  10. My God ! That’s little league stuff ! My five year old knows how to tag a runner lol

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