NLCS - St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Two

The dynamic pricing model is either a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing if you are someone who sells tickets and a curse for, well, just about everyone else. Single game tickets are now available for the World Baseball Classic semis and finals at AT&T Park in San Francisco under a dynamic pricing model. If by “dynamic” they mean “very expensive.”

Dynamic pricing allows the Giants to tweak ticket prices for the WBC, presumably based on the teams involved. Should team USA qualify for the semis and then final, we can assume the price will sky rocket. The real time pricing also allows the ticket prices to take effect almost immediately.

AT&T Park isn’t the most cost-effective place to watch a game in the first place, but with single game tickets starting at $72 for the final, the WBC is not easy on the wallet. Quite the opposite, actually.

Looking at the breakdown of the pricing, it appears Team USA is the favorite to play in the second of two semifinal games, resulting in those seats coming in much more expensively than those for the Pool 2 runner-up, set to face Japan on Sunday night.

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On the secondary market, tickets for the finals are priced very close to face – some are still available below the current face value in the Arcade section (really just standing room only in right field). Once the second semifinal game finishes, the prices will really start to move.

Jacking the prices of already expensive tickets is par for the course – the WBC isn’t a regular season game against the Padres. If interest propels the prices into the stratosphere, it is only because people are willing to pay.

If you were/are in SF, how much would you pay the chance to attend the WBC final? Would you buy now hoping your favorite team makes it to the final game (Honkbal!) or wait it out and potentially pay more?