That is pretty large animal to cast in a commercial like this. W.C. Fields doesn’t know what he’s missing (mostly because he’s long dead.) Seeing a buffalo (or is it a bison) on Getting Blanked means only one thing: today is Seattle Mariners commercial day also known as the best day of the Hardball Talkin’ year!

The first post-Ichiro Mariners commercial day does not disappoint, largely because King Felix aka Larry Bernandez is just SO DAMN LIKEABLE*.

Hiring a professional actor does not seem in keeping with the spirit of Mariners commercials but this one works for me.

* – Click through to watch the rest, including the always-enjoyable blooper reel and the best of the bunch, the Felix ad that they won`t let us embed. Boo.

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  1. If they add a Kendrys, he or she will have to share playing time with the other kids.

  2. Long live the king

  3. Mariners the best. For real. Their marketing team needs to work for all 30 teams.

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