The Angels would be fools to not make the most of the of moneymaking opportunity Mike Trout presents. Whenever the best player in the game is a photogenic All-American kid and runner-up for AL MVP drops into your lap, you gotta wet your beak where you can.

Not that these Trout hats are official Angels gear but…maybe they should be? Considering some of the other stuff you can get in the Angels shop, these bad boys are a step up.

ugly blue hat angels

Which image is the most protodouche? If you said Trout Fish hat, you’re wrong. The blue monstrosity has me at a loss for words. Hey man, your hat matches your boardies! Siq!

fieri hair hat

Any words I would use for this disasterpiece are not fit for publication. Though anyone who wears this hat gets to take it off at some point. Guy Fieri will never be so fortunate.

yarmulke angels

Love it. Makes for an unforgettable Bar Mitzah.


Baseball cuff links? Made of ACTUAL BASEBALL? Magic! This can’t possibly be a real thing, can it?

  • These cuff links are crafted from an MLB Authenticated game used Angels baseball
  • Set in sterling silver, these cuff links feature the unmistakable red stitching and the little scratches and scuffs that let you know that they have seen game play
  • This product is officially licensed by Major League Baseball and includes a tamper-evident hologram sticker to ensure authenticity

Yours for the low, low price of $169.99! I mean…how can you not buy them? Get two sets, one for everyday wear and another to be buried in. Just to be safe.