Not that it’s especially neccesary to pile it on Michael Young right now, but, DAT throw!

* = beyond first base

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  1. Heart and soul.

  2. Wow, the Phillies are going to be awful on defence this year. Michael Young throwing to Ryan Howard … ouch

    • If Lawrie takes some time to come back the Jays might have Mark DeRosa throwing to Adam Lind….

      • Izturis to EE more likely if Lawrie starts season on DL

        if he does…..the honkball will have cost 2 stud 3Bmen and a stud 1Bman – who was a 3Bman……weird…..

  3. …better pencil him in for right field instead.

  4. I’m actually shocked how good Michael Young looks in that gif: for one, he’s actually moving laterally at the beginning, then when he sets to throw, his footwork isn’t horrible.

    I prefer to remember Young doing this

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