Arizona Diamondbacks v. San Francisco Giants

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired utility infielder John McDonald from the Arizona Diamondbacks, according to Ken Rosenthal.

With Willie Bloomqvist expected to start at short and Cliff Pennington, who was acquired this off-season from the Athletics, to begin the season as his backup, the D’Backs likely had no room on their 25-man roster for the 14-year veteran.

McDonald, who signed a two-year, $3 million extension with Arizona last season, will join a Pirates infield that includes shortstop Clint Barmes, third baseman Pedro Alvarez and second baseman Neil Walker.

Last season, he appeared in 70 games, posting a .249/.295/.386 line, while playing 54 games at short, five at third and four at second.

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  1. Well this made the Pirates that much more likable. You happy Scott?

  2. I’d rather have him than Mark Derosa that’s for sure

  3. what is more likable than winning?

    how much winning has john macdonald done?

    • I bet you dont think Felix should have won that Cy young

    • oh wait, i forgot he hit 2 home runs on fathers day and dedicated them to his father… he’s a blue jay legend, we should bring him back as a mascot because omar vizquel worked so well last year.

      yeah im as bitter as i sound, what do you care?

      • Pretty sure it was 1 home run.

        • i know it was only 1 home run, i’m just being an idiot.

          its surprising how defensive people get about him. i’m sorry internet, i’ll shut up about your boy jonny mac.

    • This is a ridiculous comment. I guess you’d rather have Eric Hinske? Just a bizarre and petty thing to say. What has John MacDonald ever done to you? Except play excellent defense in a back-up role.

      • according to baseball reference John McDonald has 5.8 WAR over a 14 year career and Eric Hisnke has a 6.4 WAR over his 11 years, so statistically speaking I’d rather have Hinske, yes.

  4. You don’t acquire John McDonald. You earn John McDonald.

  5. You shall not PASS

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