There is a lot to like about this clip, featuring the first home run of Vladimir Guerrero‘s storied career. That he went oppo off what appeared to be an unhittable pitch is one. The look of befuddled amusement on look of Mark Wohlers (!) face sets the stage for Vlad’s entire career.

Many, many pitchers would make very similar faces to the smirk plastered on Wohlers’ face after serving up an unexpected bomb to Vlad.

This was one of 45 homers Vlad hit the other way in his career.

Pulled-RHB 1367 1983 865 158 3 196 516 .439 .436 .820 1.257 1617 .374 163
Up Mdle-RHB 1872 3806 1210 209 25 193 714 .320 .318 .542 .860 2048 .281 82
Opp Fld-RHB 895 1118 400 77 10 45 191 .363 .358 .573 .931 632 .331 98
Unknown Loc 240 327 115 33 8 15 65 .359 .352 .653 1.005 209 .321 111
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It is unlikely we will ever see another hitter quite like Vladimir Guerrero, a right-handed hitter with plate coverage and power to mask his reckless abandon at the plate. HIs career looks like it is finally over but it is important to look back and remember just how big a freak Vlad the Impaler actually was.

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  1. Love the announcers…. eating crow.

  2. That…. that shouldn’t be possible.

  3. Also… itty bitty Pedro in the background in one of the bench shots.

  4. This is absolutely wonderful. “That’s something that just absolutely…happened.” – “It may not have been a strike!” You can’t fault the Braves announcers for dismissing this as a fluke. No ordinary hitter has any business muscling up on that pitch. It’d be fun to listen to each call of Vlad’s homers in rapid succession and hear how quickly the note of surprise at bombs like this dwindles down into monotone.

  5. One of the entertaining hitters of all time!!!!!!

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