Tampa Bay Rays v Philadelphia Phillies

More often than not, good Sporacle quizzes appear at the most opportune times. Things are dragging, March Madness has everyone else in the office by the short and curlies, you just need something to take you away for a few minutes.

Enter this “harder than it looks” Sporacle quiz: can you name all the hitters with at least 400 homers in 10 minutes?

You think you can but then you realize, very quickly, you cannot. It’s perfect! Enjoy.

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  1. Stars indicate players are still active

  2. I got 25.

    thanks for posting the answers Curt.
    Way to ruin the game.

  3. Sporcle is great for work.

    The app is garbage, IMO.

  4. Got 5 and then gave up…

  5. I got Jim Thome at least.

  6. I got 30, when you see the answers you feel shame for not getting more

  7. 40/50. My method was to think team by team as to who their iconic power hitters were and that helped me get some extras.

  8. 48/50, missed Darrell Evans and CArlos Delgado

  9. Wow, 16 out of 15 … I really need to brush up on my HR hitters.

  10. 31 out of 50. Shame. Fun though. Also how the hell did I forget about Frank Robinson. I’m the worst.

  11. 24/50. Most embarrassing miss was Willie Mays

  12. Only missed Mathews of the 500 and up club… But only 36 overall. My 14 year old self shakes his head…

  13. 32/50 I spent about three of the ten minutes trying to remember Harmon Killebrew’s name. And I was shocked Hank Greenberg didn’t get to 400.

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