World Baseball Classic - Championship - Puerto Rico v Dominican Republic

Welcome to rock bottom. The World Baseball Classic is over so only the ass-end of Spring Training stands between us and the real beginning of real baseball season. FOR REAL! To get you there, we talk about the WBC final and the resulting Hanley Ramriez injury, moving Aroldis Chapman back to the bullpen and the chase of Ryan Braun.

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  1. Guys, of course, everything you say about Braun, the league and drugs is correct, but also a bit naive. Malicious prosecution is standard practice always in every jurisdiction, when the pride of the self-appointed gatekeepers are offended. Whenever people have legitimated coercion over others the mentality of power’s entitlements generates just such moral hazard. It’s the the nature of the beast.

  2. Is this a joke? This is the poorest effort I’ve ever seen on the score. What a useless idiotic profanity laden piece of crap this entire podcast was. You didn’t seem to understand many of the things you chose to discuss, here’s a tip, research just a little the technicalities of baseball or what 401k is before you go on air and talk about them. And how about keeping the Japanese and Polish commentary out of your show, was that supposed to be the A+ material or something?

  3. Will Dustin Parkes ever do a podcast with you guys again?

  4. Hey Drew,

    I love the podcast. My favorite part of sports is ripping the GM’s who make dumb moves so please disregard people like Wally. If they don’t like the profanity there are plenty of other sports podcasts that he can go to that spit out the same crap day after day.

    Can’t wait to hear u guys rip the yanks about getting vernon wells.

    Btw, jays picked up Alex Burnett. Thought that guy was a good reliever, why would the twins let him go? Can u guys do a post?

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