Tim Hudson has been a good pitcher for a long time. Hudson is currently 37-years old, but perhaps he plans on pitching well into his 40s. The Atlanta Braves hurler’s repertoire features a cutter, sinker, curveball, and a fastball. You can now add ‘knuckleball’ to that list of pitch types. Hudson floated a knuckleball to his friend and former teammate, Adam LaRoche, in the 2nd inning of yesterday’s game between the Braves and Nationals.

Braves broadcaster Chip Caray called the pitch an “eephus”, as Hudson was not known to throw a knuckleball, not that the eephus is something he’s known to flash either. LaRoche knocked Hudson for a single on the very next pitch, but the two friends shared a look and laugh over the knuckleball. The best part of this: LaRoche actually called for the pitch.

Hudson on LaRoche calling for a knuckleball, and working the pitch into his routine:

Via Big League Stew

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  1. I love the guy in the front row on the right side, doing a “what the hell was that” head motion as the ball reaches the catcher

  2. Other than the two creeps who are fixed motionless on her, that popcorn girl is fucking invisible.

  3. Spring training you guys!

  4. I’m a Mets fan.

    Hate the Braves. Love Tim Hudson.

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