Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

UPDATE: After the game, Ellsbury updated his condition, and it seems as if he should be fine.

“I just stepped on the base and kind of rolled my ankle a little bit,” said Ellsbury. “It just got a little tight, but it’s nothing of a concern. … The way I feel, I feel good about it.”


Boston Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury was forced to leave today’s spring game against the Philadelphia Phillies after he appeared to injure his ankle while sliding back into first base.

Ellsbury, who has played in 15 games this spring, recording a .250/.340/.341 line, is entering a contract year after avoiding arbitration with the club this off-season, agreeing to a $9 million salary. If the news isn’t great on his ankle, Jackie Bradley Jr. will likely make the 25-man roster and play centre come Opening Day.

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  1. I gambled on Ellsbury last year in my fantasy league…never again.

  2. I was at the game and Ellsbury was an injury waiting to happen. A very strange sequence of events:

    1-Ellsbury hits a routine ground ball to SS. Out by a mile, but called safe because (I guess?) Ryan Howard stepped off the bag.
    2-Ellsbury almost gets picked off. Jams his hamstring or his knee (apparently, ankle) getting back, clearly in enough pain for the trainer to come out but the conversation is brief.
    3-Ellsbury tries to steal second and is thrown out by a mile.
    4-(I believe it was still Ellsbury, but it may have been Victorino by this point.) The following half-inning a ball is belted to the wall in dead-center field and Ellsbury makes a tumbling over-the-shoulder catch and stays lying in a heap on the warning track for a full minute. Trainer is again waved off and he plays out the inning.

    Anyway, the next time I looked up, Bryce Brentz was in the game. The impression I got was that while Ellsbury looked decent overall, there’s no chance he stays on the field for 450 at-bats.

    Also, Jackie Bradley was hammering everything all day and Cliff Lee was getting hammered all day. The homer was only mildly surprising in that I had no idea he had that kind of opposite-field power.

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