San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies

This worked out so well for us a couple of weeks ago that I’m going to give it a shot with Jonathan Sanchez. Drew wrote a great piece proposing that the Blue Jays should move Ricky Romero on the pitching rubber, and it actually happened. I’m almost positive that Alex Anthopoulos stopped by Getting Blanked, then phoned John Gibbons and Pete Walker and asked them to try shifting Romero on the mound. Shi Davidi and/or Barry Davis got to break the news and Blue Jays fans screamed with excitement, but Ricky Romero is still a train wreck so…

However, I would like to propose a shift in approach for Jonathan Sanchez, who was named a starter in the Pittsburgh Pirates rotation this morning. I’m note even kidding, check it out:

Sanchez was a pretty decent pitcher with the Giants from 2008-2010. He wasn’t great, but he was more than adequate. He’s always had control issues, but he could miss bats. Then it all fell apart. In 2011 he started walking way too many batters, and he stopped throwing strikes all together last season with the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies. Sanchez’s Spring Training numbers aren’t very good either, but here he is making a big league starting staff.

It’s not that Sanchez can’t regain some of the mediocrity he once displayed on the reg, but he’s going to have to start finding the strike zone. This is where I come in to help.

You can view the official strike zone here. Notice how the zone really only covers the plate and the area between the batter’s elbows and knees. This doesn’t really jive with Jonathan Sanchez. I’m not seeking to reinvent the wheel here, but I do propose that MLB umpires apply a strike zone for Jonathan Sanchez that looks more like this:


It’s a minor consideration that would be in the best interest of Pirates fans and Jonathan Sanchez. Let’s make it happen, MLB.