Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

Ricky Romero just couldn’t get right. The Toronto Blue Jays left-hander has gone from Opening Day starter two years running to Class-A reclamation project. The club optioned the struggling pitcher to Dunedin on Tuesday, just hours after his best showing of the spring.

According to general manager Alex Anthopoulos, it’s Romero’s mechanics that prompted the club to make the move. Via John Lott, National Post:

“We need to get him right mechanically,” Anthopoulos said during a hastily arranged media conference early Tuesday evening. “How long that takes, I don’t know. It could be very fast, take a little longer. We’re not putting a time frame on it. Once we get him right mechanically, I think the results will follow.”

The Blue Jays tinkered with some changes to Romero’s approach this spring, but it was too little too late. Romero struggled throughout 2012, and despite shifting him on the pitching rubber this spring, it was more of the same from the former 6th overall draft pick. So the hope is that Romero can iron out the kinks by working his way up from the bottom of the system. For Blue Jays fans, the remaking of Roy Halladay may come to mind, although, he was 24 when the club had him overhauled through the minors. Romero is 28.

For the time being, all signs point to J.A. Happ taking Romero’s spot in the rotation. Happ had reportedly voiced his displeasure with the notion that he was best served to start in Triple-A with Buffalo. So there’s at least one drama induced fire temporarily extinguished.

The Blue Jays exercised a great deal of patience with Romero. Had the club not been faced with injuries to nearly every working arm in the system last season, perhaps we would have seen this drastic approach with Romero a little sooner. It’s hard to believe that reputation will aid Romero on his way back now. I think our friend Andrew Stoeten summed it up rather perfectly at DJF: “Unfortunately for Romero, this kind massive length of rope won’t come so easily to him next time. In fact, things may never be quite the same again.”

Get well, Ricky.

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