Mark it down in the history books; Manny Ramirez notched his first career hit with the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan. Ramirez went 2-for-3 with two singles in his Taiwanese debut. Just Manny being Manny, or: 曼尼是曼尼

Call me old school, but I prefer Ramriez’s first career MLB hit. How can you top mistaking a ground-rule double for a home run?

h/t Andrew McKay

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  1. that is just great

  2. BALDING MANNY!!! good god why on earth wouldn’t he just shave his head!! Roids will do that to you!! LOL

  3. Baseball is kind of fun in Taiwan.

    You can bring in your own food and drinks, including booze. Score!

    The crowd is very similar to Japanese baseball crowds. The home and visitor team’s fans sit on each side of the stands. There is organized cheering. Pick a side and boo that team. Act like a typical slightly obnoxious North American baseball fan. You get looks. :-p

  4. were the Yankees there scouting him?

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