Mere hours ago I wrote that counting out the Yankees is foolish. Reckless even. They have too much talent, wizened as it might be, to be a punchline for the entire season.

But in that spirit, take a look at the Yankees Opening Day roster have a yourself a good, satsisfied moment of sheer smugness. Go ahead, the Bronx Bombers missed the playoffs once in what, twenty years? You’ve earned it, friends.

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  1. Please let the BoSox pound the snot out of the Yankees in the first game at least. Just for the sheer joy of it! The Yankees will have far too much time to kick everyone’s ass when their DL clears up.

  2. Let’s just let both CC and Lester get pounded. Mmmmm, spite.

  3. While I can’t say Im a fan of either team. Would prefer the Yank’s and their depleted line up to pound Farrell and Red Sox. Welcome back to Red Sox Johnny boy!

  4. I fear shitting on the Yankees. I have been burned by that way too many times.

    • but it’s never happened while they’ve had the Ghost Of Vernon Wells batting freakin’ FIFTH, has it?! *wink*

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