Rays suck

Remember yesterday when we praised the Mariners marketing initiatives, engendering good will in the face of decades of futility on the field? With the Mariners starting the season on the road, they opened Safeco Field to fans and it was an unqualified success.

The Rays are the opposite of the Mariners. They built a very successful ballclub in a less-than-optimal location, with very little fan support for a whole host of reasons. The Rays, try as they might, haven’t built the same type of love affair with their fans.

The Rays are still willing to try, however. They see how well the Mariners create memorable experiences for their fans and they want a piece of that pie. So what did the Rays do? They ripped off one of the most successful Mariners promotions and made it their own.

That photo you see above is not of the King’s Court, the highly enjoyable Mariners special section devoted to Marines ace Felix Hernandez. It is District K-9, a shameless rip-off of the King’s Court.

Rays fans can sit in the special section whenever ace David Price pitches and wave yellow K cards to their heart’s content. Sure, they’re sitting inside a humid prison rather than outside at glorious Safeco Field, but I’m sure the effect is the same.

The Real King's Court

The Real King’s Court

Apparently (via Jeff Sullivan), the Rangers created a similar section for Yu Darvish starts. Call me crazy but I hazard a guess the Rangers won’t steal swipe the color scheme from a division rival.

Maybe I’m overly critical of the Rays or weirdly protective of the Mariners but this is weak stuff. Move out of that mausoleum and do something original, you know?