It isn’t often you get to hear Hawk Harrelson botch a call like this, but when he does it is GLORIOUS. Poor Kenny, without the required vantage point to see that this Dayan Viciedo moonshot merely deflected off the glove of a precariously perched Alex Gordon, rather than nestle into it.

First the White Sox get a home run by the skin of their teeth, then Jake Peavy leaves a significant portion of his skin on the U.S. Cellular infield.

Worst of all, this ball was foul! Both old man Paul Konerko and Peavy risk life and limb for a ball which isn’t even in play. That Peavy, always the bulldog/gamer/whatever, continued on unphased. He took the field in the next inning look a little worse for wear.

peavy abrasion

Bad. Ass. War wounds are the best.

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  1. When I was down in Chicago last September I went to a White Sox game, and while I was having a beer in that sweet bullpen bar they have at US Cellular I got talking to a older local guy about the team, etc. He was a nice guy, big Sox fan, LOVED Konerko, etc., and I thought he was alright…

    Then he told me that I should listen to a game that Hawk Harrelson calls because he was the best broadcaster in the business. At that point I promptly finished my beer and told him I needed to go find my seat. All game long though I couldn’t shake the horrible realization that there were dyed-in-the-wool Hawk fans out there.

  2. I can’t handle Hawk. Absolute worst. Every broadcast is a homerific circle jerk and “put it on the boooooooard, yes!” is akin to “boom goes the dynamite”.

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