Presented with minimal content, as to embarass myself as little as possible. My kids, they gotta eat, you know?

Obviously courtesy of SI’s Swim Daily blog and an overwhelming lack of shame.

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  1. It looks like those models need to eat too. hey yo!

  2. I thought things got better with age. I guess Getting Blanked is that one rare anomaly where things actually get worse. Whether it is ripping off the great Paul Lukas and uni-watch, or having the major stories covered by Drew and his inability to “Sesame Street” size them.

    • Well thankfully this is your last comment, because with that holier than thou attitude I would never expect you to come back. Seems like everyone else loves what they do. Also Chris Creamer has been a contributor since last year tool.

    • Fuck off, Parkes

    • What does “Sesame Street” size them mean?

    • Also, Creamer has been writing for Getting Blanked since Nov, 2011 and uniforms in general since 1997.

      • And how has the blog gotten worse? I never got the impression you were ever above a little T&A.

        • There’s not so much T&A as just plenty of Lululemon.
          But the best part was when they thanked us at the end for “hanging out with them” – it really felt sincere, warmed the cockles of my heart to know they were so grateful.

      • And with all due respect to Paul Lukas (a lot of respect), I hardly think that he would call another writer in the universe sharing his passion for uniforms ‘ripping him off.’

        One could wager that the entire goal of his writing anything ever was to share his passion with the world, hopefully introducing others to it!

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