From twitterer Asian Megan by way of the Extra Mustard clickdome comes this example of what happens when you think you’re whispering into an empty void. Is this official team signage? Or just the misguided choice of a renegade fan? Either way, the Rays are just Rayiest.

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  1. Maybe the Rays should sue whoever made it for referencing their Devil Rays past

  2. Tasteless? Yes. But funny. Can’t deny that I chuckled. Still, official team mascot should probably distance himself from it…

    • There’s nothing funny about that if that was someone close to you, you would not be “chuckling” your fucked bud

      • No, but it isn’t someone close to me. People make morbid jokes and people laugh at the them. It’s not “fucked” to do so.

        However, it only makes sense to do so in private company where you know your audience and their sensibilities. This obviously doesn’t take that into account and, so, will very much offend some people.

        Get off your high horse, jackass.

  3. Wow, only seven years late on this zinger.

  4. Its not funny at all… Completely dated and tasteless.

  5. Mariners thought of that joke while the corpse was still warm

  6. podcast today?

  7. F*ckin’ hilarious

  8. Hey where’s the podcast, y’all? I gots public transiting to do, and I’ll be damned if I have to listen to some preteens on the bus talk about unimportant shit that happened on reality TV shows while I could be listening to other men talk about other men hit balls made by poorly paid costa ricans with pieces of wood.


  9. *hitting

    darn. joke kill

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