St Louis Cardinals v Arizona Diamondbacks

Nobody likes the extra days off built into the early stages of the MLB schedule. The high of Opening Day is met with the low of countless teams taking the following day off, a contingency against bad April weather in most of baseball’s Eastern centers.

The secondary bonus of working in these off-days is extra rest. Despite the long, dark years spent in Spring Training, nobody wants to overtax their arm in the infancy of the season.

Don’t tell that to Josh Collmenter, however. The former Diamondbacks starter is now something of a rubber-armed swingman in the Snakes’ pen. The right-hander pitched and 1 2/3 innings on Tuesday night in the Diamondbacks first loss of the season, striking out 2 without allowing a hit.

Last night, Arizona and St. Louis played the final game of their three game season-opening series. The back-and-forth game went into extras, becoming the longest game in Chase Field history at more than 5.5 hours, when Arizona won on Cliff Pennington walkoff single.

Josh Collmenter, hero that he is, pitched five strong innings of relief. Five innings of relief right after warming and throwing just one day before! Collmenter is just the second reliever to go five full innings during his team’s opening series since the turn of the century. The first? Earlier last night.

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP H R BB SO HR Pit BF 2B 3B WPA
1 Josh Collmenter 2013-04-03 ARI STL W 10-9 12-16f,W 5.0 4 1 2 5 0 77 21 1 0 0.254
2 Adam Warren 2013-04-03 NYY BOS L 4-7 3-8 5.1 5 1 1 4 0 86 21 1 0 -0.055
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 4/4/2013.

At frigid Yankee Stadium, Hiroki Kuroda took a line drive off the middle finger of his pitching hand in the second inning, forcing him from the game. After Cody Epply relieved Kuroda and promptly allowed four runs in an inning and a third, Adam Warren was called upon to make just the second appearnce of his big league career.

Warren entered the game for the Yankees, eating up 5.1 innings of valuable relief in a game which was already out of reach. Warren did yeoman’s work in mop up for the Yankees, saving the back end of the bullpen for today’s series finale against the Red Sox.

Collmenter and the Diamondbacks get a much needed day off. Collmenter’s catcher Miguel Montero joked that Collmenter deserves “a quality start” for his performance last night, not to mention some time off. Collmenter cites his funky throwing motion as a factor that lets him take the ball so often. Montero himself earned some time off, though D-Backs’ skipper Kirk Gibson isn’t exactly sure where he’ll fit it in. Never change, D-Backs. Never change.

And the rest

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  1. That Timmy post has a serious number of comments. You’d think people like him and want him to do well, or something.weird like that

  2. Fuck – Hinske plays for the Diamondbacks? It’s like some sort of reverse curse of the bambino – I can just feel he’s destined to pick up about his 5th fucking ring with the Arizonan Waffen Commando.

  3. Huh. Montero actually brings up a really interesting point. Why shouldn’t Collmenter get a “quality outing” in the books? It seems to fit the same philosophy that gave us ‘shutdowns/meltdowns’ versus ‘saves’. If we acknowledge that pitchers should get credit for good relief work even if they didn’t finish the game, it seems logical to do the same when they don’t start the game. I like it.

  4. Honestly i’d much rather spend big money on a guy who can give me five innings of relief than a guy with the “makeup” and “attitude” to pitch one inning for a save.
    To reference Drew from last year, if three straight K’s in the 9th is a “Full Kimbrel”, a five-inning relief appearance should be a “Full Lincecum”
    Maybe “Full Timmy?”

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