Earlier this spring, Getting Blanked presented the story of Evan Gattis, the Braves prospect with a checkered past and big-time pop in his bat. The White Bear slugged baseballs as “mature” minor leaguer and then slugged enough this spring to earn a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Evan Gattis made his big league debut this week and, because he is Evan Gattis, he hit a home run.

Scott giffed this rather epic bat flip from Gattis, as well he should. Ordinarily, you don’t pimp a home run in April against perhaps the best pitcher of his generation when you’re a softball player involved in some sort of mix up like Gattis.

But then again, maybe you do? Maybe you’re Evan Gattis and your big league career might end when Brian McCann comes off the disabled list and you never know when you’re going to get this chance again so eat it, Doc. You don’t like it, get me out.

I sort of like the second scenario. I also like the chances of Evan Gattis’ big league career continuing well after Brian McCann is ready to play in 2013. Even if it is just for one more bat flip.