We’re back with the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week for another baseball season. There was no shortage of content to draw from for the first instalment of 2013. All GIFs featured here were created by myself and my graphics interchange format partner in crime, Scott Johnson. You can hit us up on Twitter at @thescottlewis or @ScottJohnson48 if there’s something you’d like to see GIF’d.

The Toronto Blue Jays home opener gave us quite a bit of material to work with, thus we lead off this edition with a pair of fans that Buck Martinez referred to as ‘enthusiastic’. Enthusiastic, indeed. Prepare for your browser to be destroyed.

MOAR GIFs after the jump…

Michael Morse’s swing is a thing of beauty

This Jayson Werth fan is the best fan

A.J. Burnett and the old exploding rosin bag trick

Donald Trump is bored, disgusting

The king of chewing is back

Dave-O and Brit take in a baseball game (stickers on, sunglasses in the dome)

Ooh, just missed it

Rick Porcello’s unique delivery

DAT flip!