Did Michael Young die, or is that simply what Jon Daniels told Ron Washington to keep him from etching Michael Young’s name into the lineup card everyday? Either way, the ever-weird Rangers/Michael Young love ballad refuses to end.

Sure, it seems unusual to keep the locker open of a traded player. But Michael Young and the Rangers did not have a normal relationship. Right now, in fact, the Rangers are not “firing on all cylinders” in the “familial relations” department. The on-going rift between Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan turned Rangers Spring Training quite tabloidy.

Sordid details of power struggles and camps and Ron Washington’s growing resistance to directives from on high leaked out, all the while former teammates questioned the Rangers decision to jettison their captain and long time…infielder.

The stage was set for drama. Ron Washington galvinized the players to leave Young’s locker open as sign of protest! Oh the column inches would get nasty. Except, well, it isn’t true.

One reporter got the details wrong. The world retweeted and snarked because, honestly, it didn’t seen implausible. Michael Young’s hold over the Rangers is an inexplicable one. As evidenced by…Ron Washington taking questions as though Young’s locker was left open?

I’m officially confused. Either Bob Nightengale is crazy, Ron Washington is crazy, or the guy who works the Rangers beat is crazy. This whole situation? Crazy. But mostly dumb.