Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Baltimore Orioles

Remember last year when Mike Trout made that amazing catch in center field against the Baltimore Orioles? It was great, he leaped far and high to steal a dinger from J.J. Hardy in what was arguably the baseball highlight of the year.

This year, Mike Trout reported to camp heavier than before, bulking up ahead of the long season. He lost most of the weight before the Cactus League schedule was even finished but, apparently, that hasn’t stopped some from digging away at this low-hanging fruit.

Last night, while playing left field against the Oakland A’s, Mike Trout went back to the fence on a high drive by Coco Crisp. Trout jumped in an attempt to steal the homer to no avail. Big fly for Covelli. Somebody at Guyism saw this play and noticed Mike Trout didn’t jump as high and then assumed it’s because Mike Trout can’t jump as high as he once did. Which is just terrific.

Mike Trout can’t even jump over a phone book, amirite?

Comparing this attempted to catch to that legendary leap at Camden Yards might make for a chuckle or two but it is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Trout was in full sprint last year, able to measure his steps and translate the full extent of his energy into a leaping try.

Last night, Trout was all but flat-footed. Wrong footed, by the look of it. His momentum carrying him back, Trout slams on the brakes and tries, in vain, to muster the energy to get over the fence. It looks terrible, it’s true. But we already covered, in exacting detail, the extent to which Mike Trout athleticism impacts a baseball game here in Year Two. He’s fine. Not fat. Funny post is funny. (This is getting creepy, isn’t it?)

Hat tip to Craig Calcaterra himself!