Here’s A.J. Burnett modelling an A.J. Burnett t-shirt, which will be given to all fans in attendance for Friday’s Reds vs. Pirates game in Pittsburgh. A.J. Burnett poses in the exact manner you should expect him to. I’m not going to refer to Burnett as a douche bag or anything, as I’m sure he’d give you the A.J. Burnett shirt off his back. The Pirates’ opponent tomorrow night is Mike Leake, who would probably steal the shirt off YOUR back.

I won’t be attending this game, but if there’s a reader out there who plans on going and has no desire for an A.J. Burnett t-shirt, I wear a large. The Getting Blanked crew will re-enact this .gif while wearing the shirt.

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  1. Looks like he’s all geared up for Avril and Chads wedding.

  2. gimme a D
    gimme an O
    gimme a U
    gimme a C
    gimme an H
    gimme an E
    gimme a B
    gimme an A
    gimme a G!!!!!

  3. Please somebody get the Scott Lewis one of those shirts.

  4. Somebody get Scott Lewis a Gray Hound Bus ticket so he can go get it and celebrate with the other Pirate’s fan.

  5. The old Josh Johnson!

  6. The original Brett Lawrie

  7. Looks like he’s ready to get in the octagon

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