This is what Target Field looked like yesterday. All jokes aside, this is unseasonably crappy conditions for Minnesota in April. It was a risk the Twins ran when they opted for an open-air stadium in the farthest north in baseball. Snow is unlikely but not impossible, as the Twins learned this week.

Snow! So much snow! The Twins were on the road during the week but are due back in the Twin Cities to host the New York Mets for three games starting tonight. Can’t play baseball in the snow, despite what the 1977 Toronto Blue Jays tried to teach us.

Luckily, the above tweets are from yesterday. Today, baseball is a go as the grounds crew and the forces of nature conspired to allow for outdoor baseball, come hell or frozen water.

Doing work! The Twins grounds crew clearing the field with aplomb. Other than a few snowy sections, that ballpark looks ready to receive huddled frozen masses for a baseball game. The Twins, aware that sitting around in the freezing cold doesn’t make for a very inviting baseball environment, the Twins upped the core temperature ante.

It isn’t often you hear the word “free” come from a professional baseball team but there is it, in black and white! Come for two of the worst teams in baseball, stay for hot water poured over powder! Sounds like a good deal for me.

minny weather report

Judging by this weather report for tonight, they’re going to be beating the fans back with sticks. Frozen walleye on a stick? That might get me through the doors. Then again, the Twins are pretty bad…