Here’a bevy of looping images in motion to end your work week and mutilate your browser. Carlos Gomez leads things off with a little sniff of the barrel. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I like it.

All GIFs featured here were created by myself and my graphics interchange format partner in crime, Scott Johnson. You can hit us up on Twitter at @thescottlewis or @ScottJohnson48 if there’s something you’d like to see GIF’d.


The one that got away from Jason Kubel

Cool breeze Jered Weaver

Bryce Harper has perfected the hands-free helmet toss

Shin-Soo Chuck

Ball face of the week

Don Kelly’s catch of the week

Sergio Romo’s slider is too good for this world

Nobody wears the A.J. Burnett t-shirt quite like A.J. Burnett

Jon Trolololosi

Comments (14)

  1. That’s Don Kelly, not Andy Dirks . . . unless that was somehow in reference to a previous Dirks’ catch I am missing.

  2. I think they’re trying to smell how foul the ball was.

  3. Shin-Soo Threw, surely.

  4. The John Trolololosi begs for someone to invent audio-enabled gifs…

  5. you can smell a slight burning of the wood on a foul ball, its actually pretty common for players,

  6. Was he smelling to see if the pitcher had put a smelly substance on a ball that had been fouled-off?

  7. Had no idea Choo could chuck it like that. Impressive.

  8. Fuck AJ Burnett

  9. Put a crossbow in his hands and AJ Burnett is Darryl for The Walking Dead.

  10. No exceptions of the week this year?

    • Never mind, I see you answered that in last week’s GIFs. That’s what I get for using Google Reader.

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