Fight! Fight! Fight! Oh, wait. Zack Greinke, who beaned Carlos Quentin and all but initiated this throwdown, broke his collarbone and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after colliding shoulder-to-shoulder with the irate Padre. Way to ruin a perfectly good thing, Zack Greinke’s elven bone structure!

Carlos Quentin, your Major League leader in HBP over the last three years by a rather significant margin, took exception to a 3-2 fastball from Greinke that ran up and in, charging the mound and sparking a heated punch fight which seemed to lack the requisite punches.

As the video shows, Matt Kemp was buzzed earlier in the game by Padres starter Jason Marquis. Kemp has been described as “irate” throughout this incident, a state of mind which persevered throughout the night as he confronted Quentin after the game.

This is…this is bad for the Dodgers. They have relatively deep rotation with Chris Capuano available to step into the rotation until Ted Lilly comes off the disabled list. The Dodgers are understandably upset with the prospect of losing their $100 million starter a significant chunk of the year. They want blood in form of Carlos Quentin plate appearances!

From writer Barry M. Bloom:

“He should not play a game until Greinke can pitch,” [Dodgers manager Don] Mattingly said about Quentin. “If he plays before Greinke pitches, something is wrong. Their guys charges the mound being an idiot and our guy is going to be out for however long and their guy is probably going to be playing in three days. It’s a joke.”

Bloom also notes this isn’t the first time Greinke and Quentin crossed paths, as the former Kansas City Royal plunked the former Chicago White Sock twice in previous seasons.

This is always the risk when beanballs and bravado get out of hand. Injuries are rare in these situations but jamming your shoulder into a man the size of Carlos Quentin is probably not a good idea if you are paid more than $20 million a year for use of said shoulders. That said, having large Carlos Quentin-shaped men running towards you with malice in their heart is not usually a part of Zack Greinke’s job description, he did his best to protect himself without breaking protocol by running away screaming, as would be my personal reaction.

The Dodgers are smart/lucky enough to have better than replacement level players waiting to replace Greinke but still, this isn’t the team they broke the bank to field.

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  1. What a dick move by Quentin… take your fucking base and shut up.

    • This coming from you a guy who never gets hit by a 90mph fastball oh say every 10 – 15 games. Quentin has a small point for doing it. I would be pissed if I got beaned as much as he does

      • So he should charge the mound when he gets unintentionally beaned because he crowds the plate? Right.

        • yes , he should, at least it shows other pitchers that he’s mad as hell and isnt going to take it anymore!

      • You also don’t charge when the pitch was not intentional (3-2 count in a one-run game is not the time to plunk a batter). Quentin is a douche who, as the one broadcast points out, does next to nothing to avoid getting hit by a pitch.

        • Since when was it on the batter to get out of the way? Last time I checked the point is to get on base, so if the pitcher can’t keep the ball from hitting a guy it’s as much on him as the batter. Also if you watch the video he’s not unreasonably crowding the plate, the pitch gets a away not his fault. People keep smack talking Quentin like he charges the mound every time he gets hit, but the guy is pretty reasonable most of the time.
          Maybe Greinke should consider protecting himself better or running away next time.

      • Your as dumb as Carlos Quentin.

  2. Well of course Quentin says he and Greinke have “a history”, he’s the most hit player in the league, the knob probably has “a history” with half the pitchers in the majors. Go ahead and deep six two months of this guy’s season.

  3. How many games for Quentin?

  4. This wouldn’t have happened if they just left the fences alone.

  5. Let`s be honest here….he`s a baseball player…you`re a journalist. Even running away would be a bad idea. Best if you just lay down and pretend your dead.

  6. Where was Greinke’s catcher? He should have stepped in during the jawing. You have to protect your pitcher.

    By the way – that is the first significant thing Quentin has ever done to impact a pennant race in his career

  7. Baseball reference has both Greinke and Quentin at 6’2″, but Greinke’s 195 lbs pales next to Quentin’s 240 lbs. An injury seemed inevitable.

  8. there’s a 0% chance he hit him on purpose.
    look at the score, the inning, the situation…
    if you think he beaned him on purpose you’re dumb as shit.

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