Unlike previous subject of winter-based derision Target Field, Coors Field in Denver is more of a moving target. The weather in Denver is unpredictable. It’s in the mountains, for heaven’s sake! Sometimes it will snow out of the blue and then it will be fine, sunny and clear.

The Rockies and just about everybody involved with the team worked hard today to clear the field of snow (!) so the Rockies and Mets might get their doubleheader in today. Doubleheader, you say? Yes, because yesterday’s game was snowed out, you see.

From a shovelling owner (Mr. Monfort as in Charlie Monfort, the Rockies majority owner, chairman and CEO) to a passable baseball facility, all in mere moments and thanks to a little elbow grease!

Looks like the snow should hold off for tonight, though it might get a little chilly during the nightcap of today’s double dip.