Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers

There is never a good time for news like this: Brewers Opening Day starter Yovani Gallardo was arrested early this morning for driving under the influence of alcohol. Gallardo was (very slowly) driving on the Interstate near the Milwaukee BREWERS (baseball team named for beer brewers) home stadium MILLER Park (naming rights owned by beer company) at 2:20 am, according to an ESPN Wisconsin report. Gallardo blew a .22, nearly three times the legal limit.

As this is Gallardo’s first offense, he was assessed a $300 fine for driving under the influence with an extra three bills tacked on for his extreme level of intoxication, plus another fine for leaving his lane.

This sucks. There is no excuse, Yovani. Call a cab. End of story. The worst.

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  1. How is the punishment so lax? I’m sure he really cares about the $3300.

    Do you think MLB will buy the documents from someone? Oh yeah, not fucking steroids so they don’t care.

  2. Suspension or not?

  3. Of course the MLB will do nothing as it continues to hunt down “PED” documents.

  4. How slowly?


  5. I don’t recall hearing of any DUI’s during spring training, is this the first one of the season?

  6. Not an excuse but unfortunately this is part of American culture in 2013. Cheap booze, lax laws, and few public transit/taxi options in some areas. I’ve seen this first hand in Florida.

  7. Its immaturity to not know when you can not operate a vehicle. Its definitely no excuse when you making tons of money and can afford a cab or to pay someone to drive you home

  8. Whats the over and under for DUI’s on the year? Maybe when one of these players kills somebody MLB will do something about it.

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