Scary and unusual scene today in Oakland, as Houston Astros coach Jeff Murphy was struck by the batting practice protection screen during BP. Murphy, who is in his first season as the team’s bullpen catcher / catching instructor, was throwing batting practice at the time, when the wind blew the screen over.

He was carried of the field after looking to injure his leg.

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  1. A yes
    The Houston AstrLOLs

  2. Yeah that joked worked really well with Baltimore in the end..

  3. Astros are not the 62 Mets. They are bad but not that bad and will give a lot of teams a hard time throughout the season.

  4. Some kind of freak injury caused by his reflexive duck when the thing first bonked his head? It’s not like those pipes are made of lead or anything… And it doesn’t look like there was any chance of a stray exposed bolt carving his leg up… “Hammy” says the Houston paper… Reminds me of blowing out my neck when I shied away from a leaf on my motorcycle…

  5. I’m old, that the shit that happens to you when you’re old. No unexplained party injuries necessary.

  6. The real takeaway here is the Oakland Coliseum is a death trap.

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