Manny Machado is rather ridiculous. He’s good at baseball, even though he’s playing out of position and learning on the fly while not yet 21-years old. Last night, in the ninth inning of a one-run game, Manny Machado did what you see above. He made a ridiculous play in a very important moment of the game.

Judging by the super slo-mo replay at the end of this clip, he made that play by the narrowest of margins, thanks in no small part to a set of very large fingers. The ability/confidence to adjust the ball in his hand as he throws it, then tossing a strike to first to nail the very speedy Desmond Jennings, is pretty sweet indeed.

If the whole “star infielder” thing doesn’t work out, maybe Manny can find a second career as a splitter-throwing reliever? He has a hose and would be Miami Bruce Sutter with that forkball grip. Think it over, Manny. Just keep it in your back pocket, you know?