Matt Cain had already surrendered home runs to Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo before he served up a curving cookie to Jonathan Lucroy in the third inning of Thursday’s matinee between the Giants and Brewers. Gallardo’s surprising shot just cleared the left field wall, while Braun’s blast to left more or less announced its departure the second bat met ball. Lucroy’s blast, though, combined with Cain’s body language, provided us with an absolute no-doubter to give the Brewers a 7-0 lead.

Lucroy clearly guessed right on Cain’s curveball, which humped over the plate waist-high. Here’s a zoomed in look at Lucroy making contact:


Both Cain and Lucroy knew where the ball was heading upon impact. Lucroy even sealed the plate appearance with a bat-flip. I am Matt Cain’s immediate regret:

Respect to Gregor Blanco for at least attempting to create the illusion that this ball was worth following to the wall.