There is getting thrown out on the bases and then there is this. Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers puts on a TOOTBLAN clinic, running the bases like last night was literally the first time he ever played baseball.

Aggression is all well and good, but abandoning second base after getting picked off, surrendering 90 feet as you hastily retreat to first base only to make the final out of the inning as you attempt to right your wrong? That’s a whole lot of awful, Jean. At least the Brewers hung on to beat the Cubs 5-4.

Sleep tight knowing that no matter how bad you screw up on the bases, you’ll never be Ruben Rivera.

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  1. that was the funniest two videos in the history of the game:

  2. Ruben circling 2nd, would be GIF of the century.

  3. Actually, maybe someone can help me out here. Despite being a baseball fan my entire life, I don’t know the proper rule on this play. I would have thought that once Braun got to second, Segura couldn’t go back to it while Braun was still on there. Thus, once they tagged Segura, that’s it, Segura’s out and Braun stays on second. It seems completely baffling to me that a runner could end up on first base after he successfully reached second base some batters earlier.
    Anyhow help me with the rules here?

    • Ah, according to, as the leading runner, Segura had the right to the base. I did not know that was the rule. I would have thought the first person to reach it (and remain there) had the right to the base. And apparently returning to first is allowed, as long as it is not for the purpose of “confusing the defense or making a travesty of the game.” Huh, learning something new all the time!

      • I didn’t know that either. Thanks for looking that up!

        However, I cannot believe that that baserunning doesn’t constitute “making a travesty of the game”… ;)

  4. MLB Rule 7.08(i): Any runner is out when after he has acquired legal possession of a base, he runs the bases in reverse order for the purpose of confusing the defense or making a travesty of the game. The umpire shall immediately call “Time” and declare the runner out;
    Comment: If a runner touches an unoccupied base and then thinks the ball was caught or is decoyed into returning to the base he last touched, he may be put out running back to that base, but if he reaches the previously occupied base safely he cannot be put out while in contact with that base.

    I love it.

  5. Let’s not forget this gem from Blue Jays history…

  6. I watched this live and I’ve got a question for the floor…if he steals 2nd then ends up back at 1st then gets caught stealing should it be scored as: SB + a CS or just a CS due to him essentially creating a negative SB?

  7. Wow, it’s great when Major Leaguer’s look like kids in gym class

  8. Looks like my ESPN league gave Segura one SB and one CS. I also have Braun, and he got charged for a CS. Poor guy, he was an unwilling accomplice in this botched base heist!

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