Last week, there was much laughter and mirth at the expense of the Minnesota Twins as a bout of April snow threatened to postpone some games in Minnesota and Colorado. The Mets/Rockies series was impacted significantly by the weather, as the were forced to play a doubleheader after one game was snowed out. Even that doubleheader required a bridge of shovels and snow removers to bring the playing surface and seating areas up to snuff.

And here we are again, closer to May than March, battling snowy conditions once again. Tonight’s Marlins/Twins game got the axe due to snow and it appears the Rockies/Braves battle in the mountains might be threatened as well.

The Marlins/Twins cancelation is more troubling than your usual rainout. The logistics of scheduling a one-off interleague series, a two-gamer at that, means tomorrow’s getaway day matinee is now a day-night doubleheader. After the second game, the Marlins must board an airplane and head home. By luck or foresight (probably the latter), the Fish are off Thursday before hosting the Cubs at Marlins Park on Friday.

Let’s hold out for more snow just for the image of Miami-based writers and team staffers suffering through a prolonged snowstorm in the Twin Cities.

Nothing official on the Rockies/Braves front though this:

rockies cold again

And then this:

…suggest anybody holding out hope THE TEAMS WITH THE TWO BEST RECORDS IN BASEBALL will do battle tonight is delusional enough to believe the Braves and Rockies are the two best teams in baseball. Making jokes at the expense of the Rockies is fun but these snow-outs are extremely rare, as this twitterer notes.