Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Dodgers

The baseball gods are unkind to the Los Angeles Dodgers, so it seems. Chad Billingsley is scheduled to undergo Tommy John surgery on his right elbow tomorrow.

Billingsley joins Zack Greinke and Chris Capuano on the Dodgers’ list of hurlers currently injured. The decision to allow Billingsley to try and pitch with a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament is a particularly confounding one, given that the team was aware of the risks as far back as January. I wrote about Billingsley’s plan to pitch through the injury on January 30th, when an actual medical doctor said it’s all well and good to try and rehab such an injury so as long as you’re not a Major League Baseball pitcher.

You live and learn, I guess.

Billingsley was 1-0 in two starts, with a 3.00 ERA and six strikeouts in 12 innings this season.

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  1. He will miss an extra 3 weeks next year by delaying his tommy john. I’d risk trying it out with rehab too if the season was going to be lost regardless with surgery. Everything to gain (the season) with little to lose, besides 3 weeks next spring.

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