Miami Marlins v Minnesota Twins - Game One

The dull moments are few and far between for members of the Miami Marlins. The whole “Miami” thing plays into this a great deal, not to mention the “Marlins” bit. High profile members of the Marlins literally never know what the day might bring! Will I be traded? Will I be forced into a local fashion show or some such publicity stunt?

Jose Fernandez is a blue chip prospect already well versed in the Marlins willy nilly ways. The 20-year old was a surprise addition to the Opening Day roster despite never pitching above A ball. He’s accustomed to the Marlins flipping the script at their leisure.

Like today, when they decided they’d prefer he not pitch in sub-zero temperatures in the second half of a day/night doubleheader. So they moved him to the first game. Just like that.

It seems more dramatic than it really was, me thinks. The Marlins might well be correct that keeping their young ace (to be) exposed to the slightly warmer temperatures of a game under the Earth’s yellow sun during the front half of the double dip is in his best interests. The 20-year old doesn’t have a lot of experiencing pitching in the cold, especially since yesterday was the first time he saw snow in his entire life.

The Marlins/Twins game originally scheduled for yesterday was called on account of snow and frigid conditions. Today, the show must go on, even though the game time temperature for the 2:30 EST start was just 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The Marlins got an unexpected day in the snow, doubly unexpected for the Fernandez, the Cuban defector who had never seen the white stuff in person before. His mom asked him to “send pictures” and he planned to buy a winter coat, according to Palm Beach Post Marlins reporter Joe Capozzi.

First snow fall, first start moved up by six hours (much to the surprise of the Marlins opposition, who didn’t learn of the Marlins plans until 10:30am local time) and, through four innings, first ugly start. The Miami Marlins 2013, terrible but not dull. But that in the season ticket pitch.