#Rcokies v. #Barves, the game of the year!

The Rockies and Braves are currently playing a game in, let’s say, less than ideal baseball conditions. As you can see above, today’s make-up game (after last night’s game was snowed out) could go down as one of the coldest baseball games in history.

Baseball isn’t really made for the cold weather. Imperfect contact stings the palms while all the standing around could, potentially, increase the likelyhood of strains or muscle pulls. Plus, it just looks weird.

Below is a GIF of Dan Uggla’s second inning Frozen Christmas Home Run, which really deserves further investigation.

This home run was hit in Colorado, where the home team uses the below as their logo:

Original courtesy of Sportslogos.net

Original courtesy of Sportslogos.net

This is what the hitters eye looks like at Coors Field today, as seen up close and personal after Uggla’s homer to center.


This weirdness of this game is not lost on the Rockies faithful, as some early reports pegged the first pitch attendance in the area of 200. Which is fun, right? Good thing they get to play antoher game tonight when the temperature will be, well, pretty much the same.


It is so cold steam is coming off the field like a still lake in morning. Scenes not unlike a beer commercial here at Coors Field.