brendan ryan face

Breaking news: the Mariners are terrible! The offense has stalled and it’s time for a change. Brendan Ryan, the pre-eminent defensive shortstop in the game who also offers zero offensive contribution, is the first to lose his job. The Marines, in their infinite wisdom, want Robert Andino to take over as the starting shortstop. Which is just delightful.

Those three tweets pretty much sum it up. Ryan is a putrid hitter (he has eight singles so far this year. That’s it) but Andino is not much better. In fact, Robert Andino might not actually be any better, as Sullivan notes above. But Brendan Ryan is an all-world defender while Andino is more of an utility guy, playing around the diamond but getting most starts as a second baseman.

The marginal improvement from Andino over Ryan is probably undone with their gloves. Mariners manager Eric Wedge said the switch is on a “week-by-week” basis, whatever that means.

What, honestly, are they expecting to change with Andino in and Ryan out? Making a change because Ryan is awful isn’t a bad thing, but Andino is hardly the answer. Like most teams, the Mariners talent pipleline hardly bursts with viable shortstop options to these two replacement level veterans. Nick Franklin doesn’t have a shortstop profile defensively and double-A option Brad Miller might be a nice fill-in but, according to Jason Parks, doesn’t look like an everyday player in the future.

The Mariners tried to correct some of their problems this off-season but don’t look to have done so while so many other problems still exist. Maybe Cameron is right, as Jack Z and Wedge are on their way out in Seattle. Hard to fault the ownership if they were to pull the trigger on such a move. They have Felix and they have some nice pitchers in their system but the Mariners are no better off than they were in 2009. Hey, at least Felix is much older now!