Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

Dylan Bundy gets a lot of play here at Getting Blanked. Mostly because of his sky-high ceiling and rocket-to-the-moon path to the big leagues in 2012. There is a good chance Dylan Bundy becomes one of the best pitchers in baseball within the next few years.

He is, however, a pitcher. Which means there’s an equally good chance he becomes nothing. Or, worse yet, a reliever. The road to pitching stardom is riddled with pot holes and landmines that just surviving as a pitcher until age 30 is nothing short of a miracle.

Dylan Bundy is not 30, he is just 20-years old. He is, however, yet to throw a pitch in the 2013 season thanks to soreness and tightness in his right forearm. The problem resulted in a two-week shutdown. Bundy threw off flat ground again on Monday and the soreness persisted. The Orioles are concerned. The Orioles are sending Bundy to an expert. Not just an expect, THE expert.

Cue the dramatic music: Dylan Bundy is going to see Dr. James Andrews.

This is bad news for the Orioles. But it isn’t the worst news. The Orioles performed a MRI on Bundy’s right elbow at the beginning of the month which came back clean. The area of concern remains his forearm, and the Orioles insist the injury is a muscular one, not a structural one.

Which didn’t stop MASN sports reporter Mel Antonen from skimming over that key distinction in a tweet, needlessly worrying the good people at Camden Chat.

Details, man. Details.

Ahhh, that’s the stuff.

The Orioles have been very, very cautious with Bundy so far and with good reason. Some might argue they’ve gone a little too far in their protection, stripping him of his beloved cutter trying to protect his arm.

Thus begins the chicken/egg debate with a young pitcher’s arm. Is asking a player to change his way of doing things too little, too late compared to the abuses suffered as amateurs? Is the incredibly violent act of a throwing a baseball more than 90 miles per hour going to doom a large percentage of ligaments and tendons to injury in spite of the best laid plans?

Let’s not get carried away here. This is just a forearm thing. Just a possible tendonitis thing for Bundy. There is NO NEED TO PANIC YET. NO. NEED.

On a completely unrelated note, have you seen Kevin Gausman? Kid looks legit…