Alfredo Aceves and the Boston Red Sox put on quite a performance of incompetence in the third inning of Tuesday’s 13-0 loss to the Oakland Athletics. Aceves, who walked three in the inning and was called for two balks, can’t be held responsible for all of the blame for the six runs against in the frame, but he sure did his part to make it easy on the A’s.

The right-hander piled up some excuses in speaking with the media following the seven inning contest, via the Boston Herald:

“It’s hard to explain to you guys,” Aceves said. “You guys just see the errors, the runs, the hits, whatever. It’s really hard to — how can I explain? — to get through that plate. For whatever reason, the strike zone got small. Obviously you guys don’t see it that way. You see the runs. As a pitcher, man, it’s not easy. Also, the weather, whatever weather it is, we should be able to play. Also it don’t matter what score it is. We’ve got to have our backs, not because it’s 10 or 13, I’m going to sit back and relax for the next game. No, there’s no second game. We’ve got to have our backs. Pretty much that.”

Oh, there’s more:

“Also, we got our hacks. Why don’t we hit?”

Yeah, that’s probably not going to go over so well in the clubhouse. Enjoy the above display of inadequate defense, as we may have seen the last of Alfredo Aceves on the mound for the Red Sox.