Not exactly sure where this GIF came from but it popped up on twitter (via @MindofStan) and it is far, far too cool not to share. It is all (or five, who knows how many pitches he actually throws) of Yu Darvish‘s wild assortment of offerings played at once. The internet is truly a magical place.

I’m reminded of a Mark Teixeira quote about Roy Halladay‘s pitches, which I will paraphrase here – they all start at the same place but move in every odd direction. That’s what’s going on here but you can see it with your eyes, man. Crazy.

If Yu Darvish is throwing the lion’s share of these pitches for strikes: good luck! I suppose that’s pretty much what he’s doing right now, as his near 40% K rate and 1.20 FIP would demonstrate. Yikes.

Update: looks like it was created by redditor and twitter dude DShep. Which is awesome.

Update #2! New GIF with pitch annotations. Amazing.