Not exactly sure where this GIF came from but it popped up on twitter (via @MindofStan) and it is far, far too cool not to share. It is all (or five, who knows how many pitches he actually throws) of Yu Darvish‘s wild assortment of offerings played at once. The internet is truly a magical place.

I’m reminded of a Mark Teixeira quote about Roy Halladay‘s pitches, which I will paraphrase here – they all start at the same place but move in every odd direction. That’s what’s going on here but you can see it with your eyes, man. Crazy.

If Yu Darvish is throwing the lion’s share of these pitches for strikes: good luck! I suppose that’s pretty much what he’s doing right now, as his near 40% K rate and 1.20 FIP would demonstrate. Yikes.

Update: looks like it was created by redditor and twitter dude DShep. Which is awesome.

Update #2! New GIF with pitch annotations. Amazing.

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  1. Here we see Darvish throwing the old-school one pitch full count.

  2. This should be a daily feature. My mind is blown.

  3. Funny story, this isn’t actually a gif it’s actually a real pitch that he throws called the multiplier(TM) where he splits the ball into 5 other variations through his own force of mind and inherent awesomness.

    Jonathan Sanchez has one called the divider where he throws a pitch only for it to vanish and get called a ball.

  4. It’s amazing how close his arm slot is on all of those pitches. I don’t know how a hitter even tries to approach hitting him. Close your eyes and swing?

  5. I love baseball and I love the Internet

  6. This is fucking amazing…thank you good sirs

  7. Photoshopped for sure. Completely doctored.

  8. This is mesmerizing. I gaze at it and all i can think is Hypno-toooooaaaaddddd

  9. Best update ever.

  10. I can’t believe this could be made better

  11. I could watch that curveball all day.

  12. Too awesome, wish baseball used that many balls at once. One swing strikeout!

  13. That 2-seam is just filthy.

  14. Yes but according to the genius Gregg Zaun this guy will fail soon. He throws a tonne of breaking stuff, and eventually all the hitters will lay off and he will walk a lot and get lit up.

    “Fastball command. It’s all about fastball command. Not the breaking junk.”

    He does throw a lot of pitches and barely ever goes 7 innings plus. What say you?

  15. Awesome! Although the guy’s face where the umpire should be is really blowing my mind.

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