Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals

Today’s show started out innocently enough. We thought we’d discuss the panicking, totally-bad-now Nationals, the greatness of Yu Darvish and the goofy end to the Padres game last night.

We did all those things, but in the middle we got into an extended argument over the role of strategy as it relates to the designated hitter. Names were called, feelings hurt. Great radio, really.

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Comments (6)

  1. Here’s an idea that I find amazing that I’ve never heard before: 8 hitters. No DH and no pitcher hits.

  2. Fo – Fo – Fo – Fo Drew

  3. If you hate watching pitchers hit, you clearly haven’t watched Barry Zito. Also, the “no strategy” argument is TERRIBLE. The close game situation with the pitchers spot happens in multiple games per day. Dismissing that argument is pretty silly.

  4. Parkes is right- more strategy in the N.L and I am a jays fan.
    P.S Fuck Chad Mattola

  5. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. Danny Epinosa’s .180 BABIP is CLEARLY an indication that he fucking hates that prick, Denard Span.

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