Throwing a baseball is a rather violent motion. Pitching, in particular, puts incredible strain on nearly the entire body. The twisting motion, the rapid acceleration of very touchy body parts and connective tissues, it is a small wonder it doesn’t end in disaster more often.

Once this herky jerky motion begins, it isn’t a good idea to stop it suddenly. When a batter attempts to call time with a pitcher already into his motion, it only increases the chance for injury. Most coaches tell pitchers not to stop your motion, go ahead and throw the pitch anyway.

This pitcher from NPB game takes this advice to heart. He also appears to take the affront to his muscularture personally, as he fires the ball directly at the chest of the offending batter. An equally dangerous move with an even higher likelihood of wounding than stopping one’s windup, though one considerably more badass and therefore acceptable. It’s the way of the world – put another man’s health at risk only in a giffable moments. Tough but fair, badasses must be rewarded.

H/T to @Royal_Heritage on Twitter.

Update: Deadspin has more detail on the incident, as well as video. That’s Bryan Bullington on the mound!