So here’s a thing nobody wants to read: Stephen Strasburg was evaluated for tightness in his forearm after tonight’s start against the Atlanta Braves, a game won 3-2 by the BARVES.

No need to rush to twitter doctor judgment but this is never something you want to hear about a guy like Strasburg. He hasn’t quite looked himself recently, with some wondering about his mechanics deserting him, causing an increase in walks.

Strasburg was also seen shaking his right arm around in between pitches tonight, an alarming site but one pretty standard for Strasburg starts. The Nationals right-hander claims he shakes his arm to help cut down on the amount of sweat on his fingers.

The Nats kid glove treatment only seems to increase the amount of amateur triage and hand-wringing which takes place any time he doesn’t quite look right. Hopefully this is nothing, just a sore forearm. There is something so special about Stephen Strasburg that causes fans of other teams to worry about him and watch over him. Nobody wants to the phenom who can chuck it 100 mph succumb to the physical rigors of accomplishing that unbelievable feat.

We all just want to coddle him and keep him safe. But we cannot keep him safe. The only way to protect a body from the physical stresses of throwing a baseball so damn hard is to simply stop. Which nobody wants. So be okay, Stephen.

Update: Stephen Strasburg swears he’s fine and will make his next start. That’s what they all say, isn’t it?