There is art and beauty in everything in our world, so long as you bother to look. Sure, this Pittsburgh Pirates tribute/ripoff of the Saturday Night Live opening credits is ripe for the mocking. It wouldn’t take much work to snark on it for a few minutes and then call it a day.

Instead, let’s admire this 2:00 minute video which plays on the PNC Park videoboard to introduce the Pirates lineup for its production values and and loving devotion to the source material. The only thing it’s missing is the Keenan Thompson “bicyclists high five” that I enjoy whenever I catch SNL.

If you still think this video is cheesy, at least admire Pedro Alvarez‘s sweet Thundercats tshirt. He’s just the best.

Hit the jump for another great Pirates scoreboard video, probably the best scoreboard video in the history of the world.

Hat tip to my friend and yours, @iracane